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March 04, 2016


Wow! That's quite a haul. Will most go to the school garden? Are you growing in the basement now?

What an awesome donation! I'm the project leader for a community garden in Vermont through our UVM Master Gardener Extension and I've never heard of this. I'd love to apply for our garden that's in a senior housing complex and pass the word along to a few other school gardens I know of in our area. I don't see any info on Botanical's site -- would you mind sharing who to contact? Thanks so much for letting us know about this great program!

Christina: It looks like they don't advertise it, but their email address is websales@botanicalinterests.com. There's a form you submit which I'd be happy to email you.

Dad: I'm going to plant as many as I can and save the rest for future years. (The basement is just for starting the seeds, which is better than the dining room floor.)

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