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November 05, 2015


Wow, that is really low... I'm so sorry that happened to you and the kids. In our urban neighborhood in various years people's pumpkins get smashed off porches by?? punks? drunk college kids? who knows. People can be such jerks. Definitely hide a spy camera for next year and put up signs saying they belong to the elementary school classrooms (if you didn't already). And harvest sooner I guess to avoid Halloween-week antics...
Sending sympathy,

We had our pumpkins stolen from our community garden plot in the city one year (after that, we stopped growing them). Someone hopped the fence and took ALL the ripe ones. So disappointing!

The worst part is realizing someone in your community would actually do such a thing.

Last year we had several watermelons stolen out of our garden. We had more than we could eat and I would have happily given them away. Now I'm just annoyed with neighbors who would steal.

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