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August 25, 2015


My kid's dad does a lot of off-shore fishing, brings back A LOT of tuna. When we were still together we got a big box smoker, and he decided to try smoking a tuna loin. It was good. Then he started experimenting, and it got better. Sometimes he'd take a page from the Swedes' repertoire and brine it in salt, sugar, herbs and gin or vodka (Swedes use Aquavit)

Several years later, he still smokes 3-4 loins a summer. I still get to reap the benefits.

Works very nicely as a canape spread, chopped and mixed with cream cheese.

Oh, how I miss the bluefish from Long Island Sound. Nothing like it in Chicago and smoking would be out of the question in a city apartment. I love living vicariously through your blog, Tammy.

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