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January 05, 2015


CodeSparrow sounds fun - though I might have expected a romance novel where a woman (and her baked goods)are repeatedly rescued by a handsome fireman.......and then feeds him cake. :)

So cool! I love cryptograms and to figure them out for something more then a common saying would be so much fun!

I found you via Alana's blog (yet another thing I can thank her for). Picked up your book at my local library, and now I MUST OWN IT IMMEDIATELY! (Too bad the December holidays are over. Maybe I can invent a new one. Something about "shouldn't Mom have everything her heart desires?" in January Day)

I'll be going through your archives, so don't be alarmed by the spiking stats. Oh, and when the new puzzle book is done, I'll get one for my husband. Mostly likely for a traditionally celebrated calender event.

Julie: Well, Valentine's Day is coming up, but I personally think you deserve to have it right now! Thanks for your lovely comment. Any friend of Alana's is a friend of mine.

Fredda: I love cryptograms, too, and these are incredibly funny. It's nice to have a bonus reward for solving them.

Sheila: That's my third book! How'd you guess?

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