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December 03, 2014


From me as a reader and new-to-me recipe developer on Thanksgiving: Many thanks.

For sharing your spicy warmth and encouragement.

You, Tammy and Family, make the music.

My recipe?

Seeds from one large pomegranate

About a dozen chopped Medjool dates

Toss into a large soupbowl of crumbled feta cheese -- enough so there are pomegranates and dates in each spoonful of feta.

Serve -- if you can find a way to balance it on the way to your mouth -- on multi-grain crackers. Or with a spoon.

It's beautiful! I will take a piano over a fancy car any day. I used to play as a child - until I left home at 18. I've not lived in a place with a piano since then, but I hope to one day have the space for a piano again :-)

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