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December 08, 2014


I love your recipe instructions - the inclusion of tips for what can go wrong and how to avoid it is brilliant! It makes me confident that I can handle this even though the recipe looks more complicated than my usual cooking.

This sounds yummy but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it - meringue doesn't do so well in the humidity of Florida. I'm going to save the recipe just in case I'm somewhere drier and tasked with making dessert.

oh my god. that recipe sounds indecently, insanely gorgeous. Also slightly intimidating, but hey, your instructions are detailed enough that if i ever have the time and inclination...

Talk to me about the feasibility of making this ahead of time. Like for Christmas. I'm guessing I could make the components ahead of time but would need to assemble it that day, or could it hang out in the fridge overnight?

caitlin: It could definitely hang out in the fridge overnight. I'm confident about that. Two nights, you might find the dacquoise softening a bit, but one night should be fine. That would be my first choice: to make it ahead the day before and let it sit. If you want to make the components ahead of time and assemble that day, it's a matter of bringing the ganache and buttercream up to the right temperature and consistency before assembling. Half the ganache should be thick but spreadable and half the ganache should be heated gently over simmering water until just pourable. The buttercream, which should be stored covered in the fridge overnight, should be set out at room temperature for an hour or so and then beat until fluffy. If it starts to separate, apply either a cold cloth or a warm cloth to the bottom of the bowl while mixing vigorously. The temperature of the cloth depends on the situation. If one doesn't work, use the other.

Maria: It's definitely a special occasion dessert, but so, so good!

Cheryl: Yes, humidity and meringues do not get along. Maybe something citrusy for you instead!

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