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December 01, 2014


That turkey was the biggest I've ever seen. How did it even fit in the oven? As always, Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and laughs with family. Plus I had my usual 4 pieces of pie.

WIntersweet was my go-to source for Thanksgiving desserts.

My family enjoyed maple parsnip cake and chocolate chestnut torte. Trader Joe's had 15 oz packs of peeled, cooked chestnuts in the vegetable section. It was a sign.

Over the weekend I made grapefruit custard. Because, you know, there wasn't enough eating before then. I couldn't seem to get the custard over 140, so rolled with it. Worked out fine. The recipe said that was the right temperature for the butter to emulsify properly. Is it proper because it's warm enough to melt, or cool enough to do something else?

Janet: You want the temperature of the custard to cool down below 140F so that the butter is still fluid but cool enough to thicken and emulsify. Otherwise, the butter risks melting right out of the emulsion. As long as it cools down below 140, you're fine. What you did was perfect. Hope you liked it!

Husband: The pumpkin pie you made came out fabulous. It was nice of you to share!

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