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November 02, 2014


I just made the Apple Ginger cake from your book last night - it was excellent and all the ladies loved it! I used Granny Smiths, only 1.5 apples because it looked like a lot - but next time I believe I shall peel them and put the whole 2 apples in. I'm also itching to try the one wrapped in liquor soaked cheesecloth!

Sheila: So glad you liked it!! Those are two of my favorite cakes.

Lovely to meet you at the farmer's market! I meant to ask, was it challenging to write an introduction for each recipe? That seems almost harder than creating recipes - like a stack of college recommendations.

Looking forward to making the grapefruit custard for friends next week.

Janet: So nice to meet you, too! I didn't find it terribly hard to write the recipe intros because I treated them like mini-blog posts, and, as you know, I have a lot of experience with that. I also spaced out writing them. The recipe development was the hardest part for me: knowing when to keep tweaking or when to stop. You lose a little perspective after a while. I hope you enjoy the grapefruit custards. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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