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November 13, 2014


Nicely decorated! Glad to see that no poison ivy was involved!

Oooh! That's between nap times and right down the street from us! We'll have to see if we can swing it!

If only I'd seen this before I passed on the parsnips in my CSA basket yesterday! Perhaps I'll have another opportunity to try it. Now do you have any suggestions on how to make rutabaga appetizing?!

hey sweety,great blog,one question.if i can`t find fresh yeast where i live,and i can`t,whats the conversion to dry active yeast for cresia,i`ve failed twice and can`t afford to keep experimenting what with the high cost of the cheese and all, lol.
uncle eddie of the yeastless tundra of tacoma

Edward: Hi Uncle Eddie!! So, that's a great question and I've actually never tried it. BUT, if the yeast conversion calculators are to be believed, 1/2 pound of fresh yeast is equivalent to 4 oz. of active dry yeast. Conveniently, that's the exact amount in those little jars of yeast they sell. That would definitely be more economical than using 18 envelopes (yes, 18 is what the calculator tells me). Want me to test it out for you? I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind being a beneficiary of some crescia, and I could send you a loaf if it comes out good. I think this is a mystery that deserves to be solved!

Colleen: Believe it or not, I've actually made pie with sweet Eastham turnips, which are related to rutabagas. But I typically like them mashed or made into gratin like this one: http://www.foodonthefood.com/food_on_the_food/2014/02/turnip-gratin.html

Caitlin: How fun! It would be great to see you!!

Mom: So not funny!!

I'm fascinated to look up crescia recipes to see how big a loaf 18 envelopes of yeast would create. And how much lift.

Michael: Haha. The recipe makes 5 loaves: http://www.foodonthefood.com/food_on_the_food/2007/04/cookbook_friday.html

(Still, it's a ridiculous amount of yeast. I'll be curious to see if that conversion is correct.)

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