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November 10, 2014


That looks and sounds positively DELICIOUS!! We'll be having that salad soon!
I seem to recall one of your sons changing his tune about Brussels Sprouts after eating your Creamy Brussels Sprouts one Thanksgiving? Be sure to remind him :-)

We just harvested a monster 3ft tall stalk of Brussel sprouts. I love them so I'm in big time.

haha - yes, I can imagine my husband would say exactly the same as your kids! But I think it looks delish.

SarahC: Thanks, Sarah! Different strokes for different folks, right?

Jill: Nice work! You should try this one, too: http://www.foodonthefood.com/food_on_the_food/2011/11/creamy-braised-brussels-sprouts.html

Nancy: You're right. I forgot all about that and apparently so did they! But then, what doesn't taste good slathered in cream?

When I was a kid brussel sprouts were bitter and boiled into submission - not good!

Last year I also re-discovered the brussel sprout a-la roasting. I do olive oil and salt, whatever spices you like - try a little garam masala if you are feeling curry-ish - and I like to sprinkle some white basalmic vinegar on mine during and after cooking.

The sky is the limit with combos - tiny tomatoes, sliced leeks, mushrooms, zuccinni, very thinly sliced beets, squash, etc. etc. Roasted veggies ROCK. :)

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