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October 08, 2014


We always had trout that size pan fried at our cabin, dredged in flour/salt/pepper you can eat the crispy skin - sometimes we even had them for breakfast!
We cut the heads off, why cook them if you aren't going to eat them?

Here's a tip for getting all the bones out:
Take cooked whole fish and hold the tail up off the plate with one hand. With the other hand, work a fork into the flesh underneath the tail, just underneath the bones attached to the tail - keep pulling tail up and pushing fork down, gently working up the fish until one side of bones are out. Long rib bones should stay attached to vertebrae and slide out. Turn fish over and repeat on the other side. You should now be holding a tail and a skeleton, with two nice (mostly) boned fillets on the plate. Voila!

Nice fish! I finally ordered my copy of Wintersweet. Just in time, a year late :)

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