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August 13, 2014


Well now I need to make this recipe so I can decide who is right and whether or not I should still call you a friend. I am on the other end of the almond extract spectrum from you. I take the Winston Churchill and Vermouth in a martini approach to almond extract, I don't add it to anything, but merely let the shadow of the bottle pass over the other ingredients.

Reassuring to know I'm not the only one that is tempted to use almond extract for personal hygiene reasons...

Things are looking up ... there's another review posted and it's got three stars.

I love the recipe and would be inclined to add the almond extract, but I'm a BIG fan of coconut extract and always buy a large bottle from Baldwins in the Berkshires when I go. There's just no accounting for good taste apparently!

I once saw someone give a bad review to a recipe and complain about the apple cider vinegar in it. However, the recipe called for apple CIDER not apple cider VINEGAR. It was clear why they didn't like the recipe. You never know what people actually do with the instructions you give.

So, I'd say, next time, don't let the editors nix the ingredients. Be firm in what you like since it's your name on the book and you who will have to sit there with reviews like that. You can't please everyone, that is for sure... but at least if you're firm with what YOU like, if someone writes a review and says they don't like it, you can be like; clearly they have less than stellar taste. Instead of boiling (which is what I would do... like... I totally had that ingredient in there!!)

Also, don't read reviews. The good ones never make you feel good enough to handle the bad ones.

You're awesome. That reviewer is a loser and can go suck a peach.

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