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July 07, 2014


I've not done anything with flowers in food. Other than lavender in lemonade. I've had Nasturtiums served to me in a salad before and had to be told that they were actually edible. This cookbook sounds like it has such interesting recipes...

I have decorated a cake with roses and made tea with rose hips. I have always wanted to candy violets for chocolate cupcakes and utilize them other ways. This recipe looks amazing! I love trying new things in the kitchen.

I like violets to finish a pretty pudding or desert. I haven't experimented too much with other flowers but would love to try.

This sounds lovely. I have a friend with a Jersey cow who gives me her extra cream. I've made lots of butter lately but I'd love to try mixing in something special. As for this summer -- I'm most excited to eat seafood in Maine!

My neighbor's mom who was from Italy used to batter-dip the flowers from zucchini plants and fry them. Nowadays it is not uncommon but that was the first time I'd heard of it. I've seen my daughter decorate a cake with nasturtiums and it was beautiful. I am growing bee balm and lemon balm, both of which can be used to brew tea. I have seen recipes calling for rose water; that is on my list of things to try.

I'm looking forward to steamers!

Did you see that the Waltham farmer's market has a fishmonger?

i'm looking forward to freshly caught lake perch and sunfish, possibly with nasturtium butter if i can find a nasturtiums, which is doubtful in the wilds of northern wisconsin, but i'll try! i need new simple fish ideas since the traditional, gluteny fish preparations are a no-go for me. i'm sure i can improvise with other ingredients, focusing on the butter as a consolation prize for the lack of flour!

Summer means grilling everything possible and a wealth of goodness from my CSA share!

Mmmm. This recipe looks great! I never even heard of nasturtiums before this post. So little time, so much to learn.

I haven't really dabbled in the edible flowers. But I am all about summer tomatoes.

I have used chive flowers in salad and nasturturtiums for salads. Love doing this.
Love summer with its vibrant colors and tasty veggies.

Honestly, I can't imagine eating a flower! Interesting though. I love summer for watermelon with the juice dripping down your chin, homemade lemonade, picnic salads and ICE CREAM!

Summer eats to look forward to? It's a long list. :) Strawberries and fresh peaches always say summer to me, and so do my mom's fried pumpkin blossoms. Cherries, fried clams, ice cream treats, kale salad, tabouli, pesto, tomatoes warm from the sun, peanut butter-banana smoothies for breakfast, iced tea, fresh limade, scallops, corn on the cob, anything grilled. . . .

The winner of the raffle, as chosen by random.org, is #7 snippyscissors. Congratulations! I'll be in touch.

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