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June 09, 2014


My mom successfully used dryer sheets (like little white flags on sticks) to keep the deer from her hosta. Maybe that would work if you hung a few of them from the tree branches.

Adrienne: Very interesting! I like it!!

You could try these: http://www.deer-departed.com/deer-repellent-recipes.html
The hair clippings do seem to work in our community garden. We ask our hairdresser to bag up our left over bits when she's done cutting.

Venison is delicious. The kids will love it.

(Good luck!)

*LOVE* Roxbury Russets! Can never buy enough at the farmers' markets in the fall.

Just a note about fruit trees: some need to be thinned by hand but others drop fruits and thin themselves in the summer - no need to be alarmed by it. Luckily, school might be out by the time they do this so the kids can't whip them at each other (haha).

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