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June 04, 2014


As I was reading your post, I found myself thinking, "Well, just rinse it out with some water." And then you did. And then I realized my error. LOL! (At least I do store my ice cream maker insert in a plastic bag in the freezer!).
And for the record, my kids would definitely eat the ice cream--crumbs, bits of paper towels and all. They'd just call them 'mix-ins.'

Paper towel bits = high in fiber, low in calories

Crumbs and frozen paper towels bits do not seem like a problem to me...are we raising our standards?? I wish you would warn me.

You have a very special gift for describing your everyday life!! Love it!! MIL Jean

So glad to hear I'm not the only one who sometimes perseveres in the wrong path out of stubbornness... :-)

Maria: You're definitely not!

Jean: Thank you!

Jenny: Apparently we're not raising our standards, because I totally ate that ice cream (and so did some other undisclosed family members).

Mom: Perhaps a new fad diet is in our future?

Colleen: Ice cream is ice cream, right?

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