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May 13, 2014


Sounds yummy!

I actually use a crockpot all year long - great for not heating up the kitchen so much in the summer time. I watch for chicken thighs on sale then cook a dozen to use for chicken salad and have some broth as well. Also good for cooking down fruit to use on pancakes instead of syrup. I'll soon be traveling in a motorhome and anticipate using it while we go off hiking during the day (at least when we are hooked up to electricity).

Thanks for a delicious-sounding recipe.

It took me hours and hours over months and months to find a red and crispy glaze recipe for ribs similar to the Chinese spareribs that my friend and I grew up with. I searched using keywords such as Chinese, spareribs, and ketchup, along with various '50s magazines. No luck. Lots of spice, such as Szechuan.

Then, in an article about why and the history of how Jews developed a taste in America for Chinese food, I found the key keyword. Ahhhhh: Cantonese.

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