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May 28, 2014


Ha! Was wondering what was going on there!! Guess they plan on staying a lot this summer too.

Don't feel bad about your yard. It's not a junk pile, it's a wildlife haven. Your flowering "weeds" are probably feeding all sorts of beneficial insects. And your berry brambles are quite likely providing food and cover for bumblebees that will pollinate your neighbors' vegetables. I do hope they are gardening organically and not using pesticides.

I love this story! My son is a graduate student living with 4 other guys and I can totally imagine them endeavoring such a project. Then they would probably presefve it all and serve it with the homemade mustard. I'd like to think my influence has rubbed off on him, but he's pretty good all by himself. When they invite you to a BB Q be sure and go.

haha! We have a garden in our backyard and my husband keeps inviting me to visit it! He says I might want to remember what's out there instead of letting it go until it all dies in the fall.

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