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February 12, 2014


That is what I look for in a cake. Glad all is well.

I'm so glad he's okay. And you, too, are resilient. I was a complete mess thinking about him and you. You continue to amaze me with your strength and your unrelenting ability to take any situation and write us all into laughter. Love you!

I'm glad your son is on the road to recovery! That's great how neighbors and friends pitch in to help out.
That's weird about the inability to pee - I had a ruptured cyst when I was first pregnant and same thing happened to me. I had bad appendicitis type pain and couldn't pee so we went to the ER. my diagnosis was a little different!

Awww Tammy, you are a rock star too! Your posts always bring a smile, laugh or tear to my eye. You are a fantastic mom, nothing is worse than a child in the hospital. Hope everyone is on the road to recovery. Lucky school vacation is around the corner!

Tammy, you've found your strength, both as a parent and as a writer. You deal with adversity through humor, wisdom, and insight. 11YO should be proud to read this.

As for being a nurse, well, I'm a horrible baker. Really bad. I think it's *hard*! Sure, I can stick someone with a needle, but I couldn't make a pavlova if my kitchen depended on it.

We all have our strengths.

Glad he is feeling better! Yeah for cake AND icing!

Thanks for the moral support, you guys. Happy Valentine's Day!!

To my fellow lurkers.

To those of us who read Tammy for her wit and wisdom, openness and delicacy, courage and tenderness. For her recipes and – there’s nothing just plain about it – joy, it's time to come out, come out wherever we are.

And say: Thank You.

To Tammy, Husband, 8 YO, 11 YO, Father, Friends. And to her readers who have come out and commented -- and who can express themselves concisely.

I unlurk. (De-lurk?)

As a teacher and a friend, I tell students and readers that Food on the Food is my go-to example of blogging at its best -- for come-along directions to adventures in sustenance and to life-wrestling that sees differences can be delicacies and that rotting logs are opportunities for mushroom ranching.

For me as a reader, Tammy makes my day when she has the energy and time to post.

For me as a human being, Tammy contributes to each of my days by sharing what she is: another human being negotiating partnerships with life by living. I will someday follow her directions to fix my daughter's Kitchen Aid mixer. I consider using Mason Jars to carry lunch.

(Where can we get the Tammy Wintersweet Lunch Box? And does it come filled? Hmmmmmm, yummmmm.)

As a photographer, I revel in seeing that Tammy shot the picture of the smiley balloon on the hospital cafeteria's ceiling. I see her shooting as an affirmation. And I see the smiley balloon on the ceiling as a gift -- a reminder that smiles might abide. A rainbow.

(And, yeah, I hope that whoever had the balloon got a hug. And at least a cookie.)

As a writer and journalist, I recognize that all of the rewards in the world . . .

-- publicity
("No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money." Samuel Johnson) . . .
see: http://www.samueljohnson.com/writing.html

or duty
(“Writing a column is easy,” [Red Smith] once said. “You just sit at your typewriter until little drops of blood appear on your forehead.”
see: http://quoteinvestigator.com/2011/09/14/writing-bleed/)

. . . don't answer the question of, Why? Why Write?

It's not because it's easy. Or lucrative. Or even fun. That it will make us famous. Or that there's a ready audience (Just ask the people who put up with that the words are going to come out somehow, somewhere.)

Tammy has the guts to face blank screens and unfilled covers. She sees empty cupcake tins beckoning to her.

Tammy writes and cooks so hard so we can read and eat so easily.

Some people cook to eat. Or feed others. Or get paid.

Or to satisfy a creation hunger.

Some people face their compulsions and their fears. They redirect the question of "why?" into saying "now."

They help make life work.

I imagine Tammy yelling: Damn the Caesarians, full speed ahead!

So. Whatever your reasons.

Thanks, Tammy.

Wow, Michael, thanks for delurking with that touching comment! Made my day!

Well, Michael's post is a tough act to follow, so I'll put in my Yay for Newton Wellesley Hospital. They are great. And btw, not being able to pee, but thinking you really have to, is a kidney stone issue as well. Glad all is well.

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