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February 10, 2014


I just had my appendix removed last month and I can honestly say it was much harder on my husband and 7 yr old daughter than it was on me (though I was fortunate and it hadn't yet ruptured -- that is a whole 'nother ball game.) Glad to hear he is on the mend. You too :)

In times of worry I look for signs, too. I always think that going through something terrible or stressful or painful would be such a waste unless it counts for something. You know, that there is meaning in what is happening.

But, terrible things happen whether we find meaning somewhere in there, or not. Some things just are. And, when they get better, that is good, and good to all of you for coming through the worry.

Holding yall in the Light, even though the worst has passed.

There's nothing worse than something happening to your child....so glad all went well and he is speeding down the road to recovery. Sending healing thoughts your way!

Oh my gosh, I am catching up on blogs and find I missed this! So glad the 11YO is doing well and you can now relax a bit. Sending hugs to all. xxx

PS: mixing my comments; YES! Treasure Island is brilliant :-)

Thanks so much, guys. Happy Valentine's Day!!

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