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February 14, 2014


I'm kind of thrown by the concept of "elementary-school-aged" boys. When I started reading this blog, weren't they being described as "the toddler" and "the preschooler"?

SO CONFUSED! It hasn't been *that* long... has it?

Mara: It has indeed been *that long*. The Preschooler is soon to be the Sixth Grader (middle school, no less). Time sure does fly.

Thanks for reading for so long!

Tammy, per your suggestion in Wintersweet, I made Whoopie Pies for Valentines Day. I made a trial batch the week before and liked them so much I didn't bother with filling them. Those cookies were still magenta after baking, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I made them again Thursday night, intending to share with family. All went well with the recipe. It was the oven, totally coated in something from the baked bean pot last weekend. Billows of white smoke when the oven got up to temperature, three times that the smoke alarm went off (which triggers the house alarm and the alarm company).

So these Whoopie Pies were beautiful. Dark chocolate brown, lovely filling. Plus they had a bit of a smoky tinge. We called them the Barbecue Flavor.

I love the cookbook, by the way. Lots of inspiration for winter baking!

Becki: It's funny you should mention the color--I made the whoopie pies a few months back and they definitely had a slight magenta hue, too. Usually, they're just brown. This time, there was a Red Velvet Cake vibe going on, which went over well. Whoever can figure out how to keep that beet-red color going strong in the finished cake instead of using artificial food coloring is going to make a lot of money. (So glad you're enjoying the book!)

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