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January 14, 2014


AWESOMENESS!!! BRAVO! I am actually as surprised as you are that it took 11 years to think of it. ;)

We, too, had the kitchen-bound bathroom. Right across from the stove. Five steps from the kitchen table. Sharing a wall with the dining room. Let's just say nobody's habits were private. Particularly in my sharp-eared Italian family which, says my French-Acadian husband, is obsessed with digestion. Aren't all Italians?

OMG - I thought we were the only people who had a bathroom that felt like it was IN their kitchen!
Ours was an add-on to the house too but it was originally in a pantry with a swinging door at either side to go to the kitchen or the DR (it was beautiful, I'll never forgive my father for tearing it out).
When my father remodeled, to make the kitchen bigger (not!), he eliminated the pantry which put the bathroom in the kitchen.
Growing up we never had a fan in there though! But when we remodeled again, my husband put one in. But yeah, if you want to do your business (I mean, really do your business) - you're best to go upstairs.

I understand how you feel. We have a very similar setup in our house. And it just feels so weird!

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