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January 09, 2014


Ah, happy memories from my childhood - we used to call this 'mince' (which is how we English refer to 'ground' meat) and my Mum always cooked it with carrots and peas in it, in place of potatoes (we might have potatoes as the side vegetable). Worcestershire sauce a vital ingredient, of course, but I suspect garlic wasn't, as it was barely seen or heard of in UK in those far off days! Delicious.

LOL! My father was the cook in our house growing up, and he has two standby sayings:
1. If you make them wait long enough, anything will be good.

2. He who complains about the food cooks the next meal!

Sheila: Your father is a wise man, indeed!

SarahC: I don't think my mother used garlic, either, but somehow it keeps finding its way in there. Enjoy your mince!

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