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December 06, 2013


who did you invite to the possible disasters brainstorming session? i wish i could have been there!

however, the mitigation strategies session was probably a lot more fun!

GAWWW, YOU KILL ME! thanx for sharing!

Did someone say extra frosting?

LOL! I am a quilter, and I get people asking ALL THE TIME if I do commissions, could I just put a few blocks together for a friend's bridal shower, would I make a raffle quilt for the softball team..... First, you can NEVER charge someone what even the material is worth without them going into deep shock (fabric is $10-12 per yard, honey, that makes your queen-sized quilt in 14 colors plus batting valued at approximately the GDP of a medium-sized country) let alone your time. I have trained my family to immediately hold up a hand, stiff-armed in the face of anyone who begins to utter, 'Your sister quilts? Oh, could she.....' - and say, "Oh, no, she is FAR to busy with quilting for the family" (true).

And even I have learned to say, "NOOOOO!" after the aforementioned bridal shower wall quilt, 20 blocks, which were supposed to 'represent' the bride - and which turned out to be made from leather and silk and courderoy and heavily sequined and buttoned pieces, with - you guessed it, no actual seam allowances anywhere. I still have nightmares.....

Practice, Tammy......nnnnnn......oooooo..... :0

I still make things for friends, but I make what I want, when I want, and it may take 6 years - deal with it! :)

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