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December 16, 2013


That bat did not survive the night if you flung him out there recently. Unless they can quickly get to a shelter that will keep them warm enough bats will succumb to the cold. They hibernate through the winter.

I am sorry he was in your house and that they are generally a risk for rabies so people can't feel warm and cuddly toward them. Bats are awesome and wonderful and eat three times their body weight in bugs most summer evenings and should be thanked profusely for their roll in our ecosystem. In some places there are plants that only exist because of the pollination done by bats, or because the bats eat the fruit and then poop out the seeds. They are wonderful creatures.

My one fear in the animal world. Good job Mr. Wonderful.

Michele: Bats are definitely cool, but much too bitey to keep as pets. Also, too flappy. Hopefully, he found a warm place to be last night.

Donna: It was a team effort--me for the catch, Husband for the release.

I love bats but not on my liquor cabinet. I hope he found a new hibernation spot.

At a resort I go to in Honduras sometimes, they put a hummingbird feeder out at night near the entry to the dining room, and you can actually stand about 5' from it and the bats will wizz by your head as they come and go - lots of them. they drain the feeder in about 30 minutes. We all thought it was really cool how they can avoid you, flying right past your head, until the night one woman with fairly big hair snared one on her head. In the ensuing 'le freak bat dance' with much screaming and arm waving, she wasn't hurt, the bat may have been traumatized for life, and the rest of us had sore ribs for days from all the laughing. Bats are cool - but not inside or on your head!

Bats ARE cool. But not inside your head or your flower delivery. I think your Neighbor Husband is on to something, Tammy. One summertime past, sad death in the family, lots of flowers arrived. Hubs and I were in different rooms in the house when we both headed into the dining room to see what that realllly noisy June bug was up to. Which was a bat. I knocked it into the dog-toy basket with a broom and dumped the entire thing out the window onto the porch. (nb: about 48 hours of trying different ways to get the bat out to its natural habitat needn't be described here.) The next morning, all we found on the porch were stuffed toys and a Kong with old dried peanut butter. Bat gone, but not forgotten.

Our unexpected pets include numerous caterpillars that may or may not have made it to butterfly and a parrot that landed in our dogwood over a year ago and moved in until we found it's owner, which ended up being us. Parrots are loud, even more so when they are unexpected.

But the point of this comment is to say I got Wintersweets yesterday and it is fabulous! I will definitely be buying it for friends. My daughter has already planned Christmas eve dessert, Christmas breakfast and Christmas snacks out of it. I don't know how to break it to her that mama's not frying donuts on Christmas morning. It's a good thing she doesn't believe in Santa and can't ask him to fry the donuts.

How wonderful that you had a pet bat if only for a moment. And excellent news, too--white nose syndrome killed most of the bat population in the northeast U.S. Here's hoping your visitor is a sign that the few survivors are breeding successfully.

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