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November 14, 2013


So glad you three had a good time. Sorry I missed the Vermonster (could have finished up the other half!).

I just heard your NPR story about Quince.
First - you sounded great - just like a silken voiced radio pro.
Second - My name is Karen and I am quince addict. I buy more than I should, make more than I can eat, and I always run out by the next fall. Friends and family boldly ask for my jars of quince preserves.
I taught myself to cook quince a couple years ago when they showed up at my Farmers Market. Now that vendor figures I'm good for 2/3 of his annual crop. I make membrillo paste, quince ginger preserves, Paradise Marmalade and courtesy of a useful failure quince glaze for pork and poultry. Also just made quince/cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. Tried a quince/apple/pear tart and don't think my husband will accept a plain old apple pie anymore. He's even intrigued by stuffing goose with quince.
Listening to your radio story was a wonderful antidote for a rough day at work. Thanks for the story and it's nice to know there are other quince besotted people out there.

May your world always be full of quince perfume and your pantry full of quince.

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