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September 25, 2013


Add a second under-80 to the Grape Nuts-loving list. A fan. Will never make it (at 42 I've grown brutally honest with myself) but may have to go find myself some at many of the excellent establishments on the North Shore.

My husband loathes breakfast cereal. Grape Nuts are the exception. I love them stirred into yogurt so ice cream is the logical next step, right?

Going to have to give this a try!

i live in panama and grape nut ice cream is HUGE here. the few regular store brands (panama's version of dreyer's or blue bunny) have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream, and grape nut. no mint, rarely caramel swirl.... but grape nut. maybe i'll try it one of these days...!

I have no opinion on grape nuts but what I did want to share was that it was my birthday last week....the best present I received was a copy of your book pre-ordered for me!

I had to go cold turkey with grapenuts several years ago (I'm 43). I love them far too much and they don't love me back. Why must they have so many calories??? And when I started treating grapenuts like oatmeal.....pouring them in a bowl, adding milk, waiting like 30 minutes for the milk to sink in and then slightly heating it? OMG. At that point I had to put the cereal down and walk away. This looks so good and I want to try it.

Sometime in the last century, I worked in a restaurant in Southern New England that had Grapenut custard on the menu. A basic custard was baked in a large shallow pan that was first sprinkled with Grapenuts. They rose to the top and made a brown and tasty topper for the cool, bland custard. I highly recommend it.

Maureen: I've never tried grapenut custard, but I'm guaranteed to love it. I've seen it on the Hearth & Kettle menu, but I always opt for Indian pudding instead. Next time!

Meredith: Yes, lots of calories, but at least they're not empty calories! Maybe make it right before a big hike?

Kathy: Happy birthday!! And what a thoughtful gift! Clearly your friend/family member has good taste.

Emma: How funny! I didn't realize Panamanians had such an affinity for grapenuts. You should definitely try it sometime.

Jamie: I love them in yogurt, too. That little box can last a year that way!

Susanna: I'm encouraged by how many grapenut lovers have surfaced. I don't know about the North Shore, but I've seen grapenut ice cream recently at Kimball Farm, Bedford Farms, and Rancatore's.

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