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July 09, 2013


Congratulations!! It looks beautiful. I'll go early order now - and thank you for the option of supporting the local bookstore.

Pomegranate pavlova?

I second that it is pomegranate pavlova. Looks beautiful. Congratulations


My order is in. Left you to decide what to write (but keep it clean!).

I'm not allowed to buy books due to space constraints - but I am allowed ebooks - so I clicked on the "want this book for my nook" link at Barnes & Noble. Keeping my fingers crossed that a nook version will appear soon!

Based on the write up on B&N I'll go with Chocolate Pomegranate Pavlova - it certainly looks yummy although I have no idea what pavlova is.

The correct answer is pomegranate stew. And it looks delicious.

Tammy, congratulations! This is excellent news. Can't wait to see the book. Maybe I'll venture down from Maine for the book signing!

Congratulations! That's so exciting. That cover looks good enough to eat.

So beautiful - congratulations! I'll definitely be ordering it, but unlike your dad, I would expect that my inscription would not be clean. :)

I'm also guessing that the cover photo is a pavlova, but I do hope that in your description you gave credit to the Kiwis for inventing it, not the Aussies. Otherwise, I don't think this cookbook can come in our house.

Can't wait to see it in person!

Congratulations!!! That's amazing.
Will Back Pages ship to the UK? Because I am a sucker for a book with an inscription - and a book written by someone I feel like a know a little bit through the internet? even better!!!
PS Pomegranate pavlova?

Pavlova! My daughter arrived in Australia just a few hours ago and will not return until December I was thinking about a Pavola as a welcome home dessert but thought that the usual berries would not be in season. Voila! The answer to my prayers.

is it available as an e-book? congrats, looks lovely

Congratulations on the book, so lovely. Do you ship to Canada? I cannot wait to see this :)

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