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June 27, 2013


OK. I want your camping list of food items to bring because you ate far better than we did on our camping adventure!

this is cracking me up. My kids skipped up Monadnoc, and I wanted to die... never again!

Love the grilled bananas with dolce de leche idea. Yum!

I swear frogs used to be easier to catch!

We recently went camping for the first time since I spawned. It's been about 5 years. I am woefully out of practice. Most nights we didn't eat until well after 8:00 (partly because I camp-eat like you camp-eat -- nothing typical -- but I'm not used to cooking some of these things over a fire/camp-stove)

I MUST try the grilled bananas! I love bananas but have become allergic to their raw protein, and can only eat them cooked. This sounds wonderful!

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