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June 18, 2013


Beehive peaches. Basically, one ripe peach, cored. Peeled, if you're fancy (we're not). Into the core hole goes a bit of butter, brown sugar or maple syrup, cinnamon. Wrap the peach in long strips of homemade pie crust dough. Pat gently (repeat gently to the 4 year old approx. 513 times) and seal dough seams. Bake at 350ish in a baking dish until the dough is golden and juice is bubbling. Optional: top with ice cream or cream.

These can be made with store peaches but I only make them when you can smell the peaches at the farmer's market about a block away.

My favorite summer food that I look forward to all year is my loose version of insalata caprese- fresh homemade mozzarella, home grown tomatoes of a variety of sizes and colors, homegrown basil, really good olive oil, good quality salt, and a drizzle of delicious balsamic vinegar. I could eat it almost every day. Sometimes I don't have mozzarella and change to a more Greek flavor profile with oregano, lemon and garlic vinaigrette and feta cheese.

It's not really homemade but i can't WAIT for the local corn to be ready!! You can't beat fresh, just picked corn on the BBQ! slathered in butter and lots of salt, of course! Sometimes we add cayenne or lime or both! (Fresh herbs can't hurt either). oyyy, my mouth is watering. come on August!
thanx for the opportunity! LOVE your blog!

I love making strawberry shortcake every summer. With coconut milk whipped cream? SO GOOD.

I have been honing my newly acquired jam skills over the winter with citrus, pineapple and mango and now I can't wait to attack the summer berries and jam the shit out of them!
Love your blog by the way...

What a great giveaway--thanks for the opportunity! I am looking forward to canning fresh summer tomato sauce--and if I'm lucky & get a good harvest, I'll be using my own backyard tomatoes. Hooray!

Cocktails count as food, right? In that case, I am looking forward to a nice variety of gimlets, smashes, and sangria that make use of all the juicy-ripe and sometimes overripe fruit in our house during the summer. Some of my favorites are strawberry infused vodka (shaken with a little simple syrup, muddled basil, splash of St. Germain, and tiny bit of lemon juice) and a grilled peach smash (with bourbon, of course).

Gail's comment is better than any I could possibly come up with. She should SO get the book.

Grilled peach arugula salad with crumbled bacon and feta! I started making this last summer and cannot wait for peaches to come back in season!

Limoncello...and maybe this year's batch won't double as paint remover.

Tomato fondue from the NYTimes 4 or 5 years ago...whole cored tomatoes filled with a mix of soft cheeses and baked. Incredible!

Ratatouille from the movie!

Homemade ice cream. I use Jeni Britton Bauer's recipes.

Blueberry pie with fresh-picked berries. My son's favorite! (And I love being told that I'm the *best* pie maker ever, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. : )

Sald of wild rocket (I think that's arugula to you guys?), feta cheese, raw, fresh peas straight out of the pod, and walnuts. Dressed with great olive oil and balsamic vinegar, cruncy sea salt and fresh black pepper. And a glass of chilled white wine? Don't mind if I do ...

That's 'crunchy' sea salt, by the way, not some exotic variety nobody else has ever heard of ...

I am dying to make grape jam with my the grapes my friend grows along his side porch. It's a colossal pain to skin a zillion grapes, but the jam was so spectacular last year that I have minions who will work for jam this time around. And I figure my 1-year-old will have a heyday playing with the grape guts. (Maybe we will do this in the yard this year?) Unfortunately, I just looked for my recipe to share with you and I can't find it! Hopefully the results will be as good as they were last time. I've jammed lots of other fruits, but that was the first time I ever made grape jam. Here's hoping it wasn't beginner's luck!

In case that tomato fondue posted by Erin sounded good to anyone else too....

I'm waiting with rabid anticipation for shell peas at my local farmers's market. There was a Boston Globe magazine recipe a few years ago for fresh pasta with arugula, garlic, parmesean, creme fraiche with chopped fresh mint. Fantastically yummy! My grandparents were true farmers in Illinois and I have a case of nostalgia during pea season. The cookbook looks fantastic and anyone that lives in Paris & Amsterdam is alright by me. Love your blog and can't wait to see your new cookbook.


For me, I always look forward to making some fresh, herbed tabbouleh. Thanks for organizing the giveaway. By the way, we'll be celebrating the solstice with strawberry shortcakes for dinner - our yummy annual tradition.

I just got my very first ever ice-cream maker. So, I can't wait to make tons of ice cream this summer. Ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, who knows what I will try freezing in the small, cold bowl. I'm also going to look into preserved lemons after reading about them here. That sounds great too as I LOVE lemons. And summer.

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