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April 30, 2013


Oh Tammy. This really made me smile. Best of luck in your wedding cake misadventures. I look forward to more hilarious updates!

thx for the laugh. have you tried to convince your friend on the beauty of cupcakes???? Or maybe pie...

I think it looks beautiful. Are you going to share the recipes (especially the chocolate beet).

Tina: All three recipes will be in my cookbook (due out in October), but the carrot cake recipe is already up on my blog here: http://www.foodonthefood.com/food_on_the_food/2008/02/carrot-cake-for.html (and it's really good).

midshine: I'm not sure I'd want to decorate 120 cupcakes, but at least you can carry them over in smaller batches! As for pie, interesting, very interesting! I would totally do that. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie...so many options. Ten pies would be a lot of pies to make, but it could be done (you could make the pumpkin and pecan ahead of time, and the apple pies the morning of). Funny that I'd rather make 10 pies than try to make a cake look pretty!

klp: Thank you! You can bet there will be more misadventures.

Now I'm REALLY sorry I missed the fundraiser! Looks lovely.

I love this. But I would want to try all three kinds of cake! So how about each tier has three layers of cake, so each slice has carrot, beet AND squash. (Mostly kidding, but wouldn't that be cool?)

Catherine: You're right. People did want to try all three kinds of cake--and a few people actually managed to do it (though the top tier--the squash cake--only fed like 10 people). I like your three-flavor idea, but that's waaaaayyy too much work for me!

Susan: Sorry we missed you!

I can't wait for the beet chocolate cake recipe in your cookbook!

made the mistake of reading this in cubicle city and i am struggling 10 minutes later to muffle the giggles!

I did this four years ago.
I used straws, snipped to 1mm above the surface of each frosted layer to support the layer above. I think this kept the frosting below from seriously sticking to the cake board above. Also allows you to seat the far end of a layer with lots of little supports rather than cake dowels.
The cake, in pieces, went to the wedding location in a van, with 3 piping bags of extra frosting in a cooler to close the seams between layers. I assembled the cake about an hour before the ceremony on a folding card table. While we didn't chose to move the table, four brawny groomsmen + table moving seems way easier than one or two people trying to move a cake (hands further from center of gravity).

It looks beautiful! Good luck with further practice!

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