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April 14, 2013


I think Ben Franklin was totally right to want the turkey to be our national emblem. I love the bald eagle, don't get me wrong. Very majestic, fierce, looks good holding a few arrows, wings spread, over the flag. But the turkey. This is a gorgeous bird. It is complicated, if appearing to be a bit lowly, less in your face confrontational than the eagle. But the turkey, with it's ugly blue head, weird red waggling wottle, and it's glorious, mulithued feathers is truly impressive. And it is a hard working bird. They cannot soar and swoop like the eagle, but walk, with determination, with purpose, and often at infuriatingly slow speed, to get what needs to be done. They can fly a bit, but it is neither graceful nor very useful flight. They are a stately, at times arrogant bird. In my heart they truly represent what is best about our scrappy nation. And they taste really good too.

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