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April 05, 2013


Aren't you glad I never asked you for coffee? See how enlightened I was? Of course I'm still waiting for the Chocolate Mousse Cake, the Key Lime Pie, the Goat Cheese Ice Cream, the ......

Fricking?! Fricking?!?!? The next time you bypass an opportunity to curse, I'm snapping your hiccup pencil in two, young lady.

(The cards are lovely, though. Some would call them wintersweet.)

FSH: I know, I know. I just liked the way fricking sounded better in this context. (Like this is fucking poetry or something!!)

Dad: Ah, but you did get the baklava, the carrot cake, and the gorgonzola truffle eggs!!

I like that your business cards have pie on them! I also like that you made (I hope!) a Flight of the Conchords joke, because I miss them.

Adrienne: I did and I miss them, too!

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