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March 16, 2013


I had kangaroo once and got very sick, but I'm not sure if it was the kangaroo's fault...

Are you doing Paleo now??

No, I'm not going Paleo (but I know a few people who are). Though I love meat, I'm not interested in eating larger quantities of it. Plus, I love cheese. Now that I've lost most of my cookbook weight, I'm back to my usual eating habits (though I've made some changes to my breakfast routine since the South Beach Experiment: more yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs--fewer carbs and juice).

Sorry to hear that kangaroo didn't agree with you!

Congrats then! I am kind of going back to SB myself right now this week. I find myself where you found yourself after your cookbook, except I don't even have a cookbook to blame...

Kangaroo tastes like beef but with a bit of liver favor. Texturally, it's like beef. It's a really lean meat, so apparently it's easy to overcook. I've eaten it as a steak and in a curry - it worked well in both settings.

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