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January 18, 2013


Tamar, that is brilliant! I love it. After so long reading your blog, now we get to see your kitchen - I feel like we're spying on you!

That soup looks really tasty, though I'm kind of taken aback by all the prep. That's me, just lazy... But it does look very tasty :)

PS congrats to the cameramen... and the edit team :)

Your camermen did a great job! I love seeing the steps for things I've never done before - don't know why I'm afraid of roasting the red peppers but you make it looks so easy. Wish you would have shown using the immersion blender and why it wasn't giving the result you hoped for. Mom downsized and I inherited hers and don't know quite how to use it!

Cheryl: My stick blender is about 20 years old, and only has one speed. I was going for "puree" but I was only getting degrees of chunky so I switched to the regular blender. As far as using the stick blender, just immerse the blade in the soup and process, moving it around so that everything gets evenly blended. I bet yours will work better than mine.

Maria: Thank you! So glad you liked it. I would have chosen a different recipe if this were in any way planned. Roasting enough peppers for soup to feed 8 to 10 definitely takes a while. Jarred roasted peppers wouldn't be a bad substitute, though.

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