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January 31, 2013


Avocado! Or is that a fruit? Beets!

Think Caitlin's got a good idea in beets. Not wanting to be a copycat, I'm going to guess carrots. Carrot ginger sounds like a really nice ice cream combination.

I'm taking more guesses, I think my brain's ticking now! How about something with pumpkin/sweet potato, kind of pumpkin pie inspired, or tomato basil!


I want, nay, NEED a bowl of coffee ice cream right now.

In my mouth, RIGHT NOW.

When can we pre-order the book?

Okay! I won't ask for the recipe, but will buy the book, however, can I ask for the ice cream maker you use (or is it a method you use in the book?) If it is a machine, could you please recommend? If it is a method, then when I get the book I will see I guess.

I guess pumpkin ice cream.

IS pumpkin a vegetable? If not, then sweet potato. Maybe even corn.

Also, in the book, do you recommend an ice cream maker? Coffee is my absolute FAVORITE ice cream EVER. Guess this means I have to buy the book!

Kale! There's a local dairy here that does a kale and black raspberry swirl that is pretty amazing.

My guess is beet



Yes, carrot & ginger sounds wonderful. I love beets and that would be good too - w ginger or cinnamon? Broccoli and Corn? I don't think so.

Carrot would be my guess.


Yes, beet! Caitlin, Jessica, and Blaine were right on. There's also a pumpkin ice cream, but pumpkin is actually a fruit. I really enjoyed the other flavor ideas, especially carrot ginger and fennel (I love anise-flavored anything). And I'm very intrigued by Millie's kale and black raspberry swirl.

As for ice cream machines, I use a basic Cuisinart model with a frozen canister on a rotating base and a plastic dasher to scrape the ice crystals from the sides of the frozen bowl. It's the basic model and mine's at least 12 years old. I think it runs about $60 and is worth every penny. (Five bucks a year is less than the cost of an ice cream cone in some parts.)

Here's the model: http://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-ICE-20-Automatic-2-Quart-Cream/dp/B00000JGRT/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1360118692&sr=8-4&keywords=cuisinart+ice+cream+maker

You can also make ice cream without a machine--I give instructions in the book, which are basically to pour the ice cream base into a metal container, set it in the freezer, and mix it well every half hour for 4 hours or so. But it comes out so much creamier with a machine. I think it's worth the cost.

As for pre-ordering the book, I'm not sure, but I'll definitely keep you posted!

there's a fantastic beet ice cream in Jenni's splendid ice cream book. Can't wait to try yours!

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