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January 16, 2013


A dozen years ago or so, I had every symptom on the list of flu symptoms. All of them. But it was in late April. My doctor at the time said "It isn't the flu. Flu season is over. You just have a cold. Here, have some pamphlets about the difference between flu and colds." OH LOOK. ALL OF THE FLU SYMPTOMS. I HAVE THEM.

Meanwhile, I had to get on an airplane to fly across the country for a family wedding. Infecting as many people as possible on the way, with the FLU because oh lo and behold, like two weeks later there was a news report on how the flu was holding on and the season was going longer than expected.

That doctor isn't my doctor any more.

Did you see NPR has a thing on how doctors don't listen? And how they're too dependent on lists and not actual stuff? I suffered with wacky stomach stuff for years before it was all happy cleared up b/c pregnant with pancreatitis (pregnancy does WONDERS for doctors listening, btw, not that I'm recommending you get pregnant, but if something's lingering for years, worth a try).

I started this, though, to say I don't get fevers either. The other day (I really do have a cold) I checked because I was feeling warmish from the inside. 97.4 and the next day? 98.2. Even pregnant with pancreatitis I think I was like 99.1 Doctors don't listen to the, "I swear I don't get fevers" either.

Hope you feel much better very soon.

That is insane. I would have given her the finger. The finger connected to the body that has the sniffles.

Hmmm - I agree on that cotton in their ears problem doctors have. My (self-diagnosed) sinus infection was declared PINK EYE by a walk-in clinic doc (my eyes itch just typing that) and I was given eye drops that burned so bad that by the 2nd day I had to wash out my eyes.
Of course when I then went to my regular doctor she said it was plain old allergies and gave me a sample of Omnaris. After reading the instructions and warning I thought "mmm - nope I'll suffer".

Hope you're feeling better!

Had to laugh at Alyon's comment above - worth a try to get pregnant to resolve something that's been lingering for years. Problem is it will leave you with something else that will linger for years!

Strange so many doctors won't prescribe medicine when all you hear is about big pharma's influence on them to get them to prescribe medicine.

I've given up on 'real' doctors and head directly to the nurse practitioner. Much less of the "hurry it up, will you" vibe that doctors can exude.

Have you measured your temperature when you're feeling well?

Hope you are feeling better soon!

I've given up on "real" doctors and head straight to the Naturopathic Physician. Cleared up my symptoms in one day with a homeopathic remedy.

"I'll get a flu shot when you GET A SOUL!" ~ What I might have said.

if it's any small consolation, and I'm fairly sure it won't be, we had a lot of people prescribed Tamiflu here in UK when we had an 'epidemic' (not a very big one, frankly) of swine flu. A number of my colleagues took it and said they'd rather have had the flu - some of them had a whole range of really unpleasant side effects. So MAYBE it wasn't such a bad thing after all. Feel completely better soon.

Thanks for the sympathy, guys. Sheri, your comment made me laugh! Sometimes you just want your doctor to acknowledge your suffering.

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