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January 28, 2013


That's frighteningly attractive.

I love banoffee pie and this easy (and adorable) version is going on my to-do list soon!!

I made it last night, but used sweetened condensed milk (all I had) and it didn't taste quite right. Would that have made such a difference?

Hoot: I think all condensed milk is sweetened. Was it the boiling water method you tried? And are you saying the dulce de leche didn't taste like dulce de leche or the whole thing didn't taste like banoffee pie? Often, banoffee pie filling is made with (sweetened) condensed milk, butter, and brown sugar (like the original pie recipe referenced above). That may be more what you're used to. This was sort of a cheater's version.

Oh. Sorry to be so vague.
The parfait was fine (the cream and bananas helped mask the taste), it was the dulce de leche. I boiled it (submerged) for 3 hours and let it cool. It just tasted like....condensed milk. It looked fine (and promising), but the taste was not what I expected.
In my mind, I was going to sneak away with the remnants of the dulce de leche amidst adulations from my husband and children telling me what an awesome dessert I made and how wonderful I am. Didn't happen and the can is still in the fridge.

Oh, bummer. I hope I didn't misremember the boiling time. Was the dulce de leche a deep tan color?

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