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December 28, 2012


Your asterisks made me LOL, literally. Thank you. :-)

Thanks for the lovely description of Clothbound; we're very proud of the partnership and are thrilled you find it "astonishingly good." :)

I spent some time on your blog. <3
Best post so far (and I'll be back to read more!) is about Gerry and the Crescia. I love to bake and am going to definitely give this one a try. (All 5 loaves :)

Thanks again for the Cabot mention & I'll check out the cheeses you mentioned that I haven't tried yet!

We love Cabot Clothbound and also a similar aged cheddar from Shelburne Farms in VT that I believe shares the same aging space as Cabot Clothbound. It's great to taste the best of what New England has to offer - there's a lot out there that rivals the best French and Italian cheeses!

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