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December 18, 2012



Well said. My eyes well up at the most unexpected times and when I see little kids I guess their age to be close to 6 or 7.
We need to talk about mental illness, about violence, about guns.

Beautiful, Tammy!

The problem with saying that fewer guns will keep children safe is that it's just not true. There will always be *some* guns. Here in South Africa, couple of months ago, a kid took his policewoman mother's pistol to school and shot a kid who apparently was bullying him. There is absolutely no law that can be made that would have stopped him (BTW, we have complete registration of all firearms and background checks with fingerprints and interviews and everything).

Yes, I agree with you that mental illness should be addressed. But I'm not sure that that would have helped in this case.

The whole world is talking about this tragedy. Everyone wants to do *something*. The rational minority wants to do something which will have a real effect, rather than something which sounds good but won't have any effect.

Thanks for helping me put my feelings into words, Tammy. I've been weeping spontaneously ever since it happened. My keyboard is covered with tear spots and I carry a box of tissues around with me. I used to live in Newtown, and it truly is just like Tammy described it.

Now I feel the need to comment on wrm's comments. Wmr, I respect your right to your opinion. But do we really need assault weapons in the hands of the general population? Ammo clips with hundreds of rounds?

The loss of one child is a profound tragedy, particularly if the child is your own. But the loss of 20 at a time is a travesty. What does the rational minority recommend?

wrm: Thanks for your perspective. It's interesting to hear how things work in other countries.

I still think fewer guns will keep children safer (perhaps I should have added the "r" to "safe" in my original post--no amount of legislation will keep every child safe). You're right--there will always be guns. But fewer guns--particularly fewer military-style assault weapons with high-capacity magazines--will mean fewer large-scale massacres, not to mention fewer accidental deaths that probably number much higher than what we saw last Friday.

The mental health issue needs major discussion, but I fear it's much more complicated than the gun issue. We can't even agree that everyone deserves healthcare in this country, never mind what is covered and who is going to pay for it. For me, the gun issue is a simple one: there's no place for semiautomatic assault rifles outside of a war zone.

But I'm willing to look at it from all angles. We owe it to those kids and their families.

Tammy for President?? your last paragraph is what the idiots who are only good for grandstanding and showboating NEED to realize---yes we have a right to bear arms but that law was in a time when it was needed...shouldnt it be amended by now? i can go on for pages but i bore you....i'm no liberal nor a conservative on this issue but something has got to give....20 innocent souls died...enough said

Excellent words for a truly difficult situation, Tammy. There's no way our founding fathers could have ever known about automatic weapons and large capacity magazines. I'd like to believe that if they did have that foresight, the Second Amendment would be worded differently. The mental health piece is hugely complex as well.
There are many, many people who need to be involved in this discussion for the sake of our children, and not for their own interests.
That said...I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season together and a peaceful new year.

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