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December 07, 2012


I don't have any unusual uses for jars. Just the normal stuff.....homemade mayo, coconut milk (if I don't use the entire can at once), and I just loaded up 6 or 7 of them with some homemade bone broth.

Baking for the holidays......fudge, banana bread, a crap ton of cookies, rice krispie treats, cheesecake, who knows what else.

Love my mason jars--all sizes. Used my half-gallon giant ones today to make very big batches of kimchi. They're sitting on the counter now, waiting to start the percolating--they'll go into the fridge tomorrow. Glass is a must with kimchi!

Cranberry chutney! Pickled peppers! Lime curd!

I have jars mostly food storage. But. Here's the thing.... I save almost all my jars from the grocery store....so my jars are all sorts of shapes and sizes. If we buy bulk, then we bring it home and pour the beans or seeds or whatnot into a jar. And my stepson takes his morning tea roadie in a jar (wrapped in a tea towel). We are jar people.

I use jars all the time and don't have much to add -- but here is what I've made for the holidays. Country Christmas Cake from Laurie Colwin's "More Home Cooking" I don't do all the frosting stuff, but I use lots more Brandy than called for. If you like fruit cake, but not the yucky kind, this is it.

I am having a Chanukah Fry for the holiday. We fry everything - latkes, cheese, cider doughnuts, funnel cake, cookie dough, onion rings, potato chips, a whole turkey, Milky Way darks, falafel, turnips. By the end of the afternoon, nothing is safe from being fried and everything is coated in a layer of grease. Yum!

I love mason jars, but don't think my husband shares this love ...

I have so many mason jars that I wind up using them to put tea bags in when I take them out of my tea.

baking tons and tons of cookies and kimchi for gifts.

Using the jars to store ink pens. Or to drink out of. Or for whatever is handy at the moment.

On the baking front, I've made a batch of spicy gingerbread cookies and what can only be described as a good old college try at making Aachener Printen. Bring on the spice.

In mason jars, I currently have a couple batches of sauerkraut bubbling away on the kitchen counter.

I am happy to find fellow jar- lovers here! We use them in many ways already mentioned - to drink from, store pens, picture hooks, buttons and use for kid crafts holders.

Thought of one more! I had the little one rip us tissue paper and glue it to jars to make candle holders as presents for Christmas a few years ago :)

crap, almost missed this one! uses of mason jars (first submission):

when i was little i stored fireflies in them, because there was an urban legend that you can send them somewhere for cash.

what to put in mason jars (second submission): we used to keep ground coffee in them.

I like to drink milk out of mason jars

And the winner is...Commenter #17 Carolyn. Congrats! I'll be in touch.

More raffles on the way!

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