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November 29, 2012


May the force be with you.

I did this 1 year ago and was able to lose >30 pounds over the course of 4-5 months. With moderate exercise, I was able to add back whole grains and a few minor carbs and am able to keep most of it off. Until Halloween and T-giving ruined everything, that is. Now my pants are suddenly too small! Hence, the return to the strict 2 weeks.

yes may it be with you, feed it with my admiration for you doing this!

Sounds rough, but you can do it!

I'm very curious to see how this works for you. I'm 42 and I've noticed myself becoming more and more as you describe regarding sugar. I've not thought of it in those terms before, but sugar-addicted really fits (at least to certain forms--things like orange juice and diet soda have become unbearably sweet to me). I really crave something sweet (and fruit doesn't do it) several times a day. I also have resorted to spooning fudge sauce out of a jar in the fridge and eating hot chocolate mix or handfuls of frosted mini-wheats. ??? What is up with this--maybe it's hormonal? How old are you? Though I haven't seen the effects on the scale--yet--I am sure they're coming, and also I'm worried about becoming disposed to diabetes as I get older. Please tell me if the reset works and I will go for it in January!!

I feel your pain! Sugar-carbs is my crack as well. Keep us posted!

After watching my mother yo-yo diet all her life I'm very anti-diet, but South Beach is pretty good. All that stuff about the glycemic index makes sense and is easy to follow while eating real food (yay eggs, nuts and cheese!)

YAHOOOO, GOOD FOR YOU!! south beach really works - it gets you back to reality/real food. i tried it and lost 35 pounds. the first 2 weeks are hellish but it really works. you go girl! ELL

Wow, good for you and best of luck!

(she says while nibbling the peanut butter M&Ms she just can't seem to stop buying)

I've also had pretty good luck with South beach for those "last 5" (or is that 10?) pounds.

I don't really stick with the "phase 3" but I have brought my weight down about 10 pounds and kept it there for 3 years so far. I have done a couple of quick 2 week tuneups if I'm starting to creep up (say over the holidays).

I think it's a good way to lose if you generally have decent habits but for some reason (testing a cookbook) have gone off the rails.

It will make you grumpy from low blood sugar,, and I find it not great at subbing in vegetarian options. I also have tweaked it a bit to work with the fact that I bike an hour a day to get to work and back) You can really crash if you do regular exercise and are strict about the phase 1.

I recommend Kayln's kitchen blog as a good source of recipes sorted by phase with fewer fake foods and weird branded products that are in the SBD cookbooks.

Thanks for the support, guys! And, yes, cycler, Kalyn's Kitchen is a great resource for South Beach recipe ideas for all three phases. Good stuff!

I did this diet several years ago and lost 10 pounds on it. It's not really a diet, it's more guidelines on how to eat that you can follow for the rest of your life. Sadly I did not continue to strictly follow those guidelines and I'm now 10-15 pounds overweight again! I've been contemplating starting over but don't have the will at the moment.

I only did Phase 1 for 7 days because I didn't like the idea of going carb-less (even healthy carbs) for two weeks and it worked to rid me of my sugar cravings just the same.

Here is a forum I used to use a lot with many recipes and people who are evangelical about eating low glycemic and low sugar. Don't forget to eat beans, those help stave off cravings and give you energy! http://www.southbeach-diet-plan.com/forum/index.php

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