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November 26, 2012


Font seems big. I don't have to squint to read!!

I,m torn.....
My initial gut reaction was to click "social media is dumb", but there were a few twitter feeds that you posted that made me smile.

For some reason my comments never show up. I miss the other recipe sources link. I used that a lot.

Thanks to those of you who voted and commented. Due to unpopular demand, the Twitter feed will be replaced with the precious white space I so enjoy. To continue reading my tweets, you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

Millie: I've added the blog list back and I'm in the process of updating it. You can find it by clicking on the Resources tab in the navigation bar above. Thanks for letting me know. (I'm sorry to hear about the commenting issues. Let me know if it happens again.)

Hoot: My executive decision is to scrap it, but I'm glad I got a few smiles!

Donna: Consider that a good thing!


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