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September 11, 2012


Tammy, I was on the fence about testing a recipe, but you made me laugh hard enough to reconsider! If you still need something done, I'm happy to help! :)

P.S. Tea Party jokes + KitchenAid mixer post (that's how I found your blog) = limitless power.

I missed your first call for recipe testers. Sign me up if you need more!

sorry to respond slowly - I'd love to test again if if works out for you -

Love your insanely funny blog and love your recipes, but you do realize we're not all Democrats right? : )

Susan: Haha! I'm not a Democrat, either. I will always be a registered independent. (But I still like to make jokes!)

Deb, Gail, Amelia: I will be in touch! Thank you!

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