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September 08, 2012


I can help! Let me know what you need :)

I can test! Send along whatever you need.

I can test.

send one or two my way!

I can, Tammy!

-Kim, in NH (formerly of Yankee Food blog, before, you know, life happened!)

Bring it on! I can test something.

I'm in :)

Sign me up!

I can test! Did you put those nut things with the mini pie crusts in it yet?? I will test anything. I am so in the mood for something new!!

You can do it! I'd be glad to test something that is not too complex... (fellow WFCF member)

I can! Throw them at me!

Tammy, I'd be happy to help out again.

- klp

Happy to!

Yes please!

What a great bunch!

I can test something if you still need more help.

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