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August 22, 2012


I'm going to look closer at weird things sprouting out of trees from now on. I definitely never considered them mushrooms (but I won't be eating them anytime soon either).

Yum AND jealous!

I stumbled upon chicken of the woods last year at our neighborhood farmers' market and took a chance even though I'm not really a fan of mushrooms. But these are the bomb! Unfortunately, everyone else has discovered them too so you have to get there early to grab the few that make it to the market. Maybe I'll have to start doing some mushroom hunting myself...

I think you should have it bronzed!

I had chicken of the woods for the first time last weekend, and learned that it freezes great. The one I ate had been sauteed with onions and frozen, and it was delicious re-heated. Be warned, this apparently means you can wind up taking home an entire specimen and having it take over your freezer ;)

LOL at a pocketknife for mushrooms and rapists! I am in awe of your mushroom hunting skills.

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