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August 31, 2012


Thank you, Tammy! This was the perfect birthday lunch for our pulled-pork loving 9yo. Though I think I will make it for dinner next time instead - had crock pot going overnight and it was odd waking up to roast pork smell. So, so different from waking up to bacon smell somehow...

Susanna: I'm so glad!! Happy Birthday 9YO!!!

Thank you so much!
I made this last night using a dutch oven placed in the oven for several hours -it came out fantastic! Had three sandwiches last night and three more tonight, clearly I need to hire an armed guard to keep me from over stuffing myself. The vinegar based sauce lend a real nice tang.
This came out so well I'm thinking about making it for a fund raising party.
Thanks again,

VERY similar to one we just pulled together. I just love some good vinegar-y barbecue. I added some fresh thyme to the dish today and it just about knocked my socks off. Yay barbecue!

Little Sis: Awesome!

Mark: So glad you liked it!

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