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August 01, 2012



I'm liking your nature-documentary style vacation. Not just for the bunnies, but for the birds - ospreys! I would be so excited (they're pretty rare over here in the UK. Got to go up to Scotland to see them really).

ahhh...beautiful....I'm just back from Maine and boy it was hard to leave behind....water, beautiful views, cooking fresh seafood...mmmmm....

Many a hermit crab and moon snail were captured by our intrepid explorers.

I love that first photo so much. It takes me back to the time I spent on the Cape as a kid.

Queen Anne's lace - makes me think of your wedding....

I have never been to the Cape nor to Massachusetts, but the pictures are very nice and I'd like to visit someday. Moreover, I have never come across a real life seal and only saw them on documentaries on Discovery. I wouldn't dream of setting foot in the water knowing that there are sharks. Oysters are a true delicacy, even in Europe even though oyster dishes are pretty expensive here. The same can be said for lobsters which are displayed alive in restaurants before being cooked for a very costly plate. Regarding the rabbit, I understand that they can be quite a nuisance stealing vegetables but they are cute anyway and I wish that there weren't hunters over here killing them for food. Thank you for sharing your holiday photos with us.

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