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August 11, 2012


Can't wait to try these indian recipes! I get intimidated when I think about Indian food but these look awesome and easy.

Wouldn't it be easier to peel and dice the potatoes first and then boil them? Also what does soaking the cauliflower do? Never heard of that.

Same questions as Karen above, and....
are you certain my children will eat it? ;)

hoot: Can't be sure, but I gave my kids a bite of this every month since they were born, practically, and it's one of their favorite veggies, cross my heart. For answers to questions, see Karen below.

Karen: It's probably easier to peel the potatoes first, but I heard that the skins keep more nutrients in rather than having them boil away. Not sure it's true, but it's a habit that stuck with me. Either way is fine. As for soaking the cauliflower, it's mostly to flush out any insects that might be hiding. You could skip it if your cauliflower is pristine.

melch: Awesome and easy is my middle name!! Kidding...but I do prefer my recipes that way!

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