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June 25, 2012


I need to come up with a comment other than "yum."

Don't forget the wonderful man who cooked up the bacon!!

ok, so you've officially inspired me to make waffles for dinner tonight! Eliza will thank you!


Just a quick followup. Eliza says a double thank you! Waffles for dinner last night and leftovers for breakfast. And she made them - i read the recipe, and she did all of the work (except for the egg separating...that was a bit tough for her). Anyway, thanks!

PYO blueberries are in already? You don't say...

I use an early 1950s-vintage Sunbeam W-2 waffle iron, and it makes great waffles. It's large and in charge, for sure. I always plug it into a power strip with a circuit breaker, I do admit. However, I've owned it about 7 years now, and the only time I've washed it was when I bought it to clean off the old gunk that was on it. Now I just brush the crumbs out (I don't use spray or oil, the waffles just don't stick to it) and put it away.

And real waffles are yeast-risen.

In the past week I've made strawberry jam for the first time in my life (I've always been intimidated by the water bath method of canning--don't ask me why), and goat's milk yogurt using milk from a goat farm just down the road. So when I saw the title of the cookbook you'll be raffling this week, I started waving my arm in the air like an over-excited grade schooler: "Pick me! Pick me!" I desperately want a copy, but my husband is getting a little tired of how much our cookbook expenses have increased since I started reading your blog!

Are you kidding me?! I just gave away my waffle maker to my dad since I haven't found even a halfway decent recipe in years! I've tried so many and I usually end up with waffle batter oozing out of the iron and way more clean up than I'd like. The longer it takes to clean the iron, the more chances for one to think they'll electrocute themselves. I wonder if he'd give it back...

LOL - that story took me back, my dad's waffle iron STILL looks like that, and is still going! (I'm 46) On top of that, if you over-filled, the half-baked waffle goo would spill out all over the place, there were troughs around the waffle we called "airplanes" but then goo outside the airplanes! Too funny. As a tip: Waffles are FANTASTIC for dinner with a little smoked salmon or fresh baby shrimp in white cream sauce on them. Yummy.

I would say that I will never make Ketchup or Butter. I made butter once, in Australia, and it was fun, but really - the cubes are just fine, thanks. I WANT to make ketchup, because I haven't found a good no-sugar brand anywhere, and it makes me nuts that they put sugar in ketchup - but a bottle of ketchup must last in my fridge for approximately a quarter century, so it's probably never going to be home made and perishable. I would try mozzerella and yougurt though!

You want waffles that will change your life? Try these (you'll have to scroll down a bit to the Marion Cunningham recipe):

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