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May 11, 2012


Dude. You and I must share this weird pit rash issue. I too went for hippy shit in the armpits. And I too ended up with pit rash. I like your "homey don't play dat" sock full 'o natural stuff... going to give that a try. Why on earth did I think this post was going to be about olives?

you are an absolute font of information. i eschewed deoderant many years ago, not really for any particular reason other than that i hate fragranced products and didn't love the idea of all those chemicals. (little did i know i was doing something great for myself and my family by eliminating as many fragrances from my life as possible for years now!) i tend not to be too smelly, but sometimes deoderant is a good idea - i just ordered a stone!

I started getting these bizarre armpit rashes last year. Even the natural deodorants would irritate my skin. I tried a lot of homemade deodorants, and soon discovered that I can't do the baking soda because it irritates my skin, too. After a lot of searching, I started making a liquid deodorant spray. The recipe is:
1/4 c witch hazel
1/4 c distilled water
1/4 c aloe vera gel
1 tsp glycerin
20 drops essential oil

I put this in a little spray bottle in the bathroom, and keep the rest in the fridge. It works for me. I am smellier than when I used chemicals, but not enough that others smell me ...

I haven't tried it yet, but everybody is talking about Soapwalla... http://www.etsy.com/listing/35641572/deodorant-cream

I use coconut oil for everything... I even pop my popcorn in it. it's awesome. dry hair? leave it on for a few minutes and rinse. Itchy after shaving your legs? rub it in! It's even good on babies butts if they have a yeasty type rash! and suitable for cloth diaper users... wahoo.

This is wicked weird and I am going to give it a try (the crystal). Thanks for the info!

Help me! I've tried arrow root powder, baking soda, and coconut oil... it makes my arm pits swell painfully and then all the skin peals off. Crystals don't work for me. I've tried several aluminum free products that are on the market and they all gave me a nasty rash. And, frankly, if I don't wear anything I STINK. If anybody has any suggestions (other than rolling over and dying) I'd be really grateful!

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